29 April 2012

Off and Running

It's begun.  I can hardly bend my fingers, my neck and back are aching.  What a great day!
I've been busy in the greenhouse for some time now preparing for the planting season.  
Today I was finally able to get a good days work into preparing the gardens for planting.
The temp was just right and a nice little breeze kept me going.  I'm not minding these cooler days with winds from the north, at least until the hard labor is done.  I'm hoping to get some seeds in the ground by the end of the week.
What we need is a good soaker of a rain to really get things started.  
In between, I'm working on some lovely ideas for the opening of the greenhouse
but especially for the "Art and the Handmade Garden Market" coming later in the season.  
Now, off for a good Epsom Salt Soak so that I may be able to move my fingers and stand up straight when I rise again tomorrow.  
Cheers, and here's to working the garden.
and of things to come.
{images:  Pinterest}

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