09 October 2011

Giving Thanks . . .

"This is your Blessing Bowl.  Everyday, hold it in your hand,
count your blessings and fill it to overflowing . . ."
{Blessing Bowl and tag Susan Felix Pottery}

04 October 2011

A lovely little autumn project

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a lovely little project to make
for yourself but what a perfectly lovely 
little gift they make . . . enjoy!
Here are the directions for a small wreath about 8 inches finished size.
Gather lots of leaves.
You will need a pliable but sturdy piece of wire.  I used a 16 gauge wire from the hardware store. Measure off about 16 inches and cut.  About 3 inches down from one end, bend the wire
straight up away from the main wire stem.  This will prevent the leaves from falling
off as you thread them onto the wire and allow for closure of the wreath 
frame when you are finished. 
Begin "threading" leaves onto the wire.  I have left the stems of the leaves on if that is how I found them.
Continue threading the leaves on until you reach a desired size, pushing the leaves around the frame until you reach the bent wire end.   Make sure to leave about three inches at the opposite end of the wire to bend the frame closed. 
When you reach the desired size, bend the end to prevent the leaves from falling off and cut 
the wire off leaving about 3 inches.  Wrap the bent wire ends together at the bend and
twist/wrap to close.  You may make a loop above the closure if you wish but I don't. 
Once closed, tie a ribbon over the wire at the point of closure to hide the wire and create a hanger/bow. 
I tied a ribbon onto the wire and left a long tail which is above the top of the wreath and then tied a bow onto the wire frame overtop of the hanging ribbon.  You can use the long ribbon to hang the wreath. You can also use a piece of twine or fishing line to create a hanger, that works nicely as well.  
Have fun.

To all my Canadian friends, have a most wonderful, joyful