30 December 2012

I am

 Most Grateful.
Thank you for supporting local, handmade goodness.
Nothing but the best of wishes for you in the new year. 

See you in 2013!

26 December 2012

Seasonal Sale

Taking a few days to relax and enjoy the holidays eating, drinking, being merry.
I hope that you are also.
Then on Saturday, December 29th from 11-4
we're having our seasonal SALE.

Up to 50% off almost everything.
One day only then we're closed in the shop until March.
Cheers and Merry Christmas.

{source:  christmas4u.com}

21 December 2012

Make it count

In this season of hope, make at least one really great snow angel,
Spend time with those you care about,
Be mindful of others,
take time to relax, enjoy, create memories.

Wishing you all the joy and wonder of this holiday season.

{Source:  google, thatinspirationalgirl.com}

20 December 2012


Yesterday went by in a blur and I forgot day 6!

Pretty packaging.  A joyful, fun, creative way to add that seasonal touch.
I haven't used "store bought" pre-made wrapping paper in years.  You know, the sparkly foil and stuff.
Using neutral, natural paper like newsprint, brown kraft wrap or just plain white paper allows you to add little embellishments with lovely, personal results.
I know, that sparkly foil and stuff have their place in the "workshop" so I'm not talking about that.
It's also a great way to recycle that old newspaper and next time you go to the local grocery store ask for paper bags and you'll get those brown kraft paper bags for wrapping!
When my nieces and nephews were younger I made gingerbread initials for each of their packages but these are really lovely for those grown up gifts.
There are recipes for making cinnamon/glue cookie ornaments but gingerbread cookie recipes work really well and are edible. 
Lovely little paper bag packages.  If you don't have ribbon, use strips of fabric.
The skies the limit.  
You don't have to buy stamps - remember potato stamps?
This one takes a bit of sewing but what fun.
Handcrafted goodie bags.  The instructions for making these bags can be found here.  They are in another language but the pictures are worth a thousand words!
This year, these great little ice cream containers made pretty little packages for my great nieces.  Handcrafted gift tags tied with seam binding and a bell.  Simple.

Even if you don't have gifts to give - nothing says you can't put together faux packages to use for decorations under a tabletop tree or pile in a basket.
Take some time to make those ever so carefully thought about gifts say happy holidays.  Enjoy.
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18 December 2012

Natural goodness

The simple warmth and texture of baskets, cones and wood.







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17 December 2012


and greenery don't have to be over the top to give you that instant seasonal feeling.
Little snippets of fresh and green work wonders when tucked here and there.
And, you don't have to be a designer to make it work, the greenery pretty much does that all on its own.  
~ I'm also a huge fan of anything "fresh" and by that I mean planted.
Paperwhites, amaryllis and the traditional pointsettia.

For me, anything white & green adds just the right touch and think outside the planter box when choosing a container.  Old bowl - perfect!
But this photo really wraps my style up so nicely . . . a simple tree, zinc metal, white and glass.  Gloriously, simple ~ beautiful, calm.
(images:  pinterest, hviturlakkris.blogspot.ca, griegedesign.blogspot.ca}

16 December 2012

Today . . .

. . . let's use canning jars. 
Vintage canning jars come in all shapes, sizes and colors of glass.  I like to leave the zinc screw top on the jar but that's just me and my love of grey coming through.

I'm a real advocate of real candles but if you are using a "real" tealight, I would leave out the fresh greenery that's in the jars and just opt for white sand, imitation snow, glass glitter or just plain simple and lovely OR use a battery operated tea light ~ safe and lovely.
The skies the limit with mason jars.  
I have been using candle jars to line the driveway since what seems like forever.  I wire a hanging handle onto the lip of the jar and voila, instant glow.
This is during daylight, just imagine at night.
{Source:  google, google, the urban farmchick}

15 December 2012

Day 2

If you've visited the shop this season there will be no mistaking that I'm in love with stars.  This inspiring idea is an easy DIY.  
Make 2 triangles from wire.  Directly bead the wire frame or using hot glue, glue buttons onto your wire frames.  Join the two triangles together with hot glue or twine at their joining points.  You can make multiples in different sizes.  Hang from the tree, make a topper, smaller ones for napkin rings, larger ones in place of a wreath . . . I think mine will be glued to a canvas frame or hung from an empty picture frame against the wall.  Hmm . . . 

{source:  google}

14 December 2012

Seven Days . . .

. . . of inspired, simple ideas to help deck your halls.
Sort of like the twelve days of Christmas but not!

10 December 2012


turn me on!
I've been making twig wreaths for many years and they look great no matter what.  I've turned them upside down and hung them from the ceiling around light fixtures, turned them upside down and hung them with mini lights in them, hung them on a wall, with a bow, without a bow . . . and then this year, I did this.  
And there's that vintage zinc bucket again.  I can't get enough of those.  The Christmas tree  will be stood in one again this year.  Keeping it simple makes me joyful. 

02 December 2012


 Today, one of my lovely customers, and I do have the loveliest customers, commented, "You must love Christmas?".  I do yes, how do you know?  
"You can just tell".
And, with that one simple comment I was very poignantly reminded why I continue to celebrate the Christmas Season at Moss Cottage. 
For me and I suspect for many of your also, the joy is in the details.

Despite the very hard, but joyful, work that goes into bringing you the season's simple pleasures, I have and continue to absolutely appreciate each and every one of you who visit our little corner of the world.  Sharing our seasonal vision is my pleasure and it's nice to know that it also brings you joy. 
Enjoy the happiest holiday season. 

{image:  pinterest}