23 November 2017

Merry + Bright

The 2017 Christmas Season

Saturday, December 2nd  11-4
Sunday, December 3rd,  12-4

Moving forward and revisiting my roots.  Slowing down and staying focused.  Exploring and creating.  Sharing and Learning.  By the time we reach December 31, this past year will have been all of those things wrapped into one.

My path is clear, my goals more focused.  My plans in place and in the works.  More than ever it seems, I know where I'm headed and pretty sure how I'm going to get there.  At least as sure as one can be when you're a Flower Farmer-Florist, growing and making in a zone three environment where mother nature does her own thing anyway. 

But as that most glorious of season's approaches, it's been with a mindset that asked me to slow it down just a little.  Autumn comes and goes so quickly and this year, more than ever, found me missing the subtle changes of the season as we began to move at that usual frantic pace to prepare to welcome you all for the holiday season once again but you'll find us ready and waiting for you all ~ I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

Cheers + blessings of the season.