17 January 2012

Planning and Dreamin'

The seeds are arriving fast and furious.  
The planning has begun for the gardens ~ perennial and annual.
Trying some exciting new varieties in the cutting gardens this year. 
All of the deer fencing needs to be mended and tended to and, I'm dreaming of a new garden gate . . .
I've got the perfect old window frame.

AND, oh ya, we've got an exciting and inspiring garden event planned and you're
Stay in touch, we'll share the details just as soon as we're ready.
{Photo courtesy Pinterest}

13 January 2012


The seeds have started to arrive and we're dreamin'
of spring . . .

01 January 2012


Done, done and done! 
Thanks for sharing this past year with us.  We've got 
 exciting things coming for 2012 and hope that 
you'll come along for the ride.  
Happy New Year ~ all the best to you.