27 April 2011

FINAL really big sale days

Just a reminder that our FINAL REALLY BIG SALE days begin tomorrow:

Thursday & Friday
11a.m. - 6 p.m.
11a.m. - 3 p.m.

50-75% OFF whatever is left.

22 April 2011

Easter Blessings . . .

This morning, the sun was shining when it wasn't called for.  That's always a welcome surprise and as I glanced out the window there in the still calm of the early spring garden sat a rabbit!  The Easter Bunny I'm sure  . . .  count your blessings and have a joyful, blessed Easter.

18 April 2011

Stay Calm, plant a viola

Wow, what a weekend!  Thanks gang for helping us begin a new journey!  You guys, well really - you gals - rock!  We had a great big, really great sale and we hope you enjoyed the goodies you carted outta here!  Unfortunately mother nature threw a snow event into the mix - - who knew mid-April could be so wintery.  Well, I guess in reality, here in the Northwest anything is possible, but that was a nasty little storm.  Despite being hard core all-kinds-of-weather-troopers, we've had lots of e-mail from you guys, well gals really, asking if they can still come out and shop the sale that they missed because of the storm.  Since you asked and we're glad you stayed home safe and sound we'd be happy to hold the sale over for a few more days.  With this weekend being Easter, we'll be at the Thunder Bay Country Market with wonderful Easter goodness on Saturday then enjoying dinner with family on Sunday.  So it looks like the best time will be at the end of the month.  Here's the details of the FINAL REALLY BIG SALE! 

Thursday, April 28th
Friday, April 29th
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday, April 30th
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

From 50 - 75% off everything that's left

I have to admit that the snow storm was a little much to manage - mentally speaking.  I have been ready for spring for some time now and things were looking up.   I knew it wouldn't stay for long and the ground beneath would begin to surface again in short order but it was just one of those grrrrrrr moments.  But alas, today brought sunshine and a good dose of greenhouse time helped to set things right.  Today we potted up some very pretty Easter Viola pots and pots of Easter grass which should be in fine
form just in time for the Easter market.  So, breathe deep, can you smell spring?  I think it's on it's way.

13 April 2011

Make sure you wear your rubbers . . .

It's a typical early spring day around here folks so make sure if you're coming our way that you bring your rubber boots!  The snow is slowly heading on out but in it's wake is wet muck.  At this time of year I'm not quite certain which I like more, the snow or the muck . . .  On a lighter note, the sunshine has been most enjoyable and there's nothing like those first song birds -- a sure sign of spring. 

Have a really great early spring day wherever you are, in sunshine or muck!

08 April 2011

A really BIG SALE . . .

We're closing the shop to make room for our Workshop Studio.  Everything must go!
For the details, go here.