08 November 2016


Moss Cottage  
700 Hazelwood Drive

Although it often takes a dusting of snow to spark the imagination and truly turn our thoughts towards the sweet familiarity of the holidays, we've been busy at work preparing for you with wood, wire, fabric and clay, twigs and greens, with a vision that explores and shares my love of handmade, the natural world around me and an ever increasing addiction to the rustic yet urban naturalness of nordic design.  And, I'm so excited to tell you that WREATHS will once again make their way to the shop.  Locally made for Moss Cottage from local white pine, balsam and cedar, they will take their rightful place among the greens and baskets, candles, ornies, home decor and carefully curated handmade goodness you have come to know and expect in unexpected ways.  

The Christmas School ~ because you've been asking, is a thoughtful collection of creative workshops for the festive season.  Workshop listings will be posted to the blog on November 14th.

So, take time to pause, to reflect, to plan, to lose yourself in thought about family, friends, priorities and join us as we share our most memorable magic, we are so looking forward to having you here.  

Cheers and blessings of the season to you and to each of your families, we appreciate you all. 

01 November 2016

The Winter Season

While the seasons slowly change from Autumn to Winter, we are ever so busy in preparation for that most glorious of seasons here at Moss Cottage.

For us, the joy really is in the details . . . coming really soon.  I hope you will stay in touch.