The Gardens

The Urban Farmchick Philosophy

I have a passion for flowers & gardening, period.  An addiction really.  
I haven't always had a green thumb - the desire or ability to grow flowers.  At least not at a conscious level.  My father and my grandfather were wonderful gardeners.  Back then I wasn't particularly interested.  I recall my father spending hours upon hours nurturing the landscape and flower gardens surrounding our home.  My grandfather manned the push mower and the compost pile.  On frosty mornings my father would rise before the sun to spray down the gardens to prevent frost damage.  Little did I suspect that I too would one day go to such lengths to extend the growing season just a little.  But rise I do.  And now, I can't imagine my life before flowers.  If only I had been interested then, what valuable lessons I suspect I would have learned.  But, I like to think that my love of the land, of growing flowers, was inherited and just like my father and my grandfather, the learning is in the love of it.  I am an urban flower farmer~florist.  Garden by garden, the land surrounding our reclaimed 1929 barn began to blossom with the flowers, grasses and herbs which would become the focus of Moss Cottage. 

The flowers are all naturally grown.  While I don't use herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, growing naturally doesn't mean doing nothing.  My goal is to create a healthy soil, a sustainable growing environment, to feed the soil and by managing natural growing practices which do just that, I'll produce a better plant, a better, longer lasting flower and tread lightly on the land as I go.

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