Handmade Soap


All Urban Farmchick's soaps are all-natural, herbal soaps made from scratch using plant-based oils like olive oil, coconut and sunflower oils and organic, ethically harvested palm oil.  Gently scented and blended with essential oils and the dried herbs and flowers from my cutting gardens with the added goodness of ground spices, roots, coffee and and clays for colour and the lovely, nourishing goodness of honey directly from my bee hives.  


Gently but wonderfully scented without any artificial fragrances.

I use only 100% natural plant-based essential oils.  Nothing else compares to the fresh scent of pressed or distilled flower petals, leaves, herbs, citrus peels, spices and roots that produce essential oils.  Many "handmade" soaps contain fragrance oils for scent, dyes for colour, preservatives and chemicals.  So, sorry, you won't find scents like blueberry, almond or maple syrup in our mix.  


Every batch of soap I make starts with nourishing, moisturizing pure olive oil.  Other natural vegetable oils like organic and non-organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, ethically harvested organic palm oil, pumpkin seed oil, all help to create a mild, hard-working, long-lasting bar rich with luxurious lather.  

Enriched with lovely extras such as honey (from my bees), oatmeal, clays, scrubby natural additives like coffee grounds and organic whole oats, moisture enriching butters like mango, hemp seed and shea.  No artificial dyes or colorants ~ instead, the gentle colour comes from the ingredients themselves - the oils, butters, honey, herbs and roots and flower petals.   

Many handmade soap companies use artificial or synthetic fragrance and brightly coloured dyes.  I choose not too.  I wanted my soaps to be "all-natural".  For me, using anything artificial or synthetic (generally meaning chemically produced) detracts from the whole purpose of a handmade soap.  

My handmade soaps are made first and foremost from pure vegetable oils that are easy on your skin.  Handmade soaps are rich in glycerin, produced naturally during the soap making process.  This glycerin remains in the final bar resulting in a gentle, moisturizing soap.

The lovely lather is as a result of the combination of vegetable oils I use.  Generally speaking, commercially produced soaps and a good many "handmade soaps" rely on synthetic detergents such as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and parabens to make their soaps lather.  Urban Farmchick soaps are absolutely SLS and Paraben free.  The luscious lather is all natural.

No harsh, harmful sudsing agents, no preservatives and no fragrance oils. 

Labelled but not packaged. 

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