22 February 2012

A flower of a different kind

This morning I awoke to a flower of a different kind
blooming in the summer planter.
We need snow.  My well needs snow.  The farmers need more snow.  So, it really is a welcome sight.  I suspect it was a little easier to handle because I'm also enjoying the promise of spring . . .

Watching all the seedlings burst forth is always a welcome sight.
And digging in the "dirt" just makes me calm and hopeful and not long from now, we'll be setting up the outdoor room. I think these lanterns (arriving in the online shop shortly) will make a perfectly lovely addition.
Cheers to calm and hopeful days and digging in the dirt!

03 February 2012

Cosmetic Update

We're in deconstruct mode around here!
We had just begun to renovate (and I mean the deconstruct kind of reno) a section of our house when my guy underwent total hip replacement surgery.  He was originally scheduled for surgery in May but the surgeon's office called saying they could take him on January 26th -- so, off we went. 
He's home and has begun a long and painful recovery.  I guess we've begun construction in more than one way around here.  And, so, instead of a major renovation, which is temporarily on hold, I'm going to proceed with renovations of the cosmetic kind and will keep you up to date with before and after.

I've been finding myself seriously luvin' grey & white with a blast of color and have begun to collect fabric and other goodies for inspiration.  The master bedroom is first.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I am seriously addicted to green.  And I mean seriously!  So this grey & white thing is a huge departure and I can't believe how drawn to it I really am (but, you'll notice the green wall around the window in the background- it's staying).  I'm excited to get started - what do you think?
I'm also really liking this . . .

and this . . .

So, we'll see where it all takes me.

{Photo #1 - the urban farmchick, photos #2 & 3, www.cabbagesandroses.com}