31 August 2011

Beets, Beets the musical fruit . . .

Oh ya, that's beans! 
The beets are bursting from my garden and many of yours as well I suspect.
My most favorite way to eat beets - plain and simple.
I simply harvest beets and after removing the tops, snipping off the root
and giving a gentle scrub, I wrap them snugly in tinfoil and bake/roast
on the barbeque.  When squeezed (with the oven mitts on)
and the package feels tender but not too tender,
I take them off, let them sit for a bit,
open the package and let them cool just enough to handle them
with a rubber glove on - then the skin just slips right off.  Nothing added, just
wonderful, naturally grown, sweet beets!  

They are great chilled and added to salad and a few beets also make their way into jars of lovely 
pickled beets.
But, today my friend linked me to this really beautiful recipe for 
I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful, relaxing baking video.
  Not that I watch a whole bunch of baking video's but trust me, you'll
know what I mean.  
You can take a peak  here (be sure to shut my blog music off at the bottom first).

She also sent along a very pretty printed version but she didn't write down where 
she picked it up from so I apologize, I'm sharing without a link.  If you happen
to know who it belongs to please e-mail me or send me a comment and 
I'll be sure and get the link up right away.  

Have a really Beeeetiful day!

22 August 2011

To market, to market

I think it continues to be one of those best kept secrets.  Did you know that Thunder Bay has a thriving farmer's market called the THUNDER BAY COUNTRY MARKET.  Home to some of Thunder Bay's best bakers, makers and producers who bring a wonderful selection of made, baked and grown goods to their market tables every Saturday from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Did ya know, huh, huh, huh . . .

Well if you didn't, now you do!  One of my favorite market vendors is Renata of MILE HILL FARM.  I swear she grows the best lettuce and seasonal greens mix around.  When in season, I get my fix every Saturday and knowing that what I bring home and put on our plates is grown locally, naturally in and on land that continues to be worked by Renata and her family, and by the way also tastes really incredible, is a nice feeling.  
Renata and no - not Moe!
Renata's farm is a family run farm committed to providing natural meat and naturally grown produce for people who are concerned not only about what they eat, but also about the health and well being of the world around them.  You can catch Renata in the market garden of the Country Market every Saturday and to learn more about her wonderful and by the way beautiful farm, go here.
If you visit Renata at the market these days you'll find her fantastic garlic, beautiful sweet onions which will be making their way into my salsa this week,  and 'working' right along beside her -- a little farmer in the making.  
Miera Thiboutot was offering these fabulous little morsels 
'free with a 50 cent donation'!

Affectionately called Basil Boats -- a beautiful basil leaf,
one gouda cheese curd and a yummy, sweet cherry tomato. 
Just the smile was worth 50 cents. 

Cheers to little farmers!

18 August 2011

Fresh picked

The other day I went to the farm to pick raspberries.  Yum. 
While many immediately became a lovely snack
 as I drove home, the remainder have made their way into my freezer 
(and then back out again quickly for this photo).  
Later on when I have time, they will become jam or make
their way into muffins and scones.  
Gotta love fresh picked from the farm to your table, nothing beats a lovely
summers day drive to the farm knowing that the goodness found
there will be discovered in your freezer or pantry months down the road. 
On the other hand, as I was driving home, there was what seemed like 
a large number of dead skunks on the road here and there.  Not unusual at 
this time of year, especially on a "country" road but it seems to me
 I've come across a great deal of "road kill" this year -- deer, rabbits, porcupines
and it got me thinking . . .
not about the poor little skunk really but the larger picture . . .
how heavy our footprint has really become and how we need to be purposefully mindful
to tread more lightly when we can.

Here's to farmers -- backyard & otherwise.

Have a tread lightly lovely day.  

16 August 2011

A little R & R

I know I haven't posted in a bit -- I've been away 
looking at 
and doing 
and well, this
but, I've been up to lots of other things as well.  Watch for my posts on the
market, the gardens, works in progress . . . 
I hope that you have had some time to chill out as well!
See you again soon.