31 August 2011

Beets, Beets the musical fruit . . .

Oh ya, that's beans! 
The beets are bursting from my garden and many of yours as well I suspect.
My most favorite way to eat beets - plain and simple.
I simply harvest beets and after removing the tops, snipping off the root
and giving a gentle scrub, I wrap them snugly in tinfoil and bake/roast
on the barbeque.  When squeezed (with the oven mitts on)
and the package feels tender but not too tender,
I take them off, let them sit for a bit,
open the package and let them cool just enough to handle them
with a rubber glove on - then the skin just slips right off.  Nothing added, just
wonderful, naturally grown, sweet beets!  

They are great chilled and added to salad and a few beets also make their way into jars of lovely 
pickled beets.
But, today my friend linked me to this really beautiful recipe for 
I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful, relaxing baking video.
  Not that I watch a whole bunch of baking video's but trust me, you'll
know what I mean.  
You can take a peak  here (be sure to shut my blog music off at the bottom first).

She also sent along a very pretty printed version but she didn't write down where 
she picked it up from so I apologize, I'm sharing without a link.  If you happen
to know who it belongs to please e-mail me or send me a comment and 
I'll be sure and get the link up right away.  

Have a really Beeeetiful day!

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