07 September 2011

Getting ready . . .

I know, I know, it says "coming soon".  
I really did mean it at the time but time's the thing!
It's soooo hard to believe it's already September.   It has been
a fantastic but seemingly fly by summer. 
We have had our first few nights of light frost but an early
rise to spray the gardens down has prevented most damage.  
The forecast is fantastic and the overnight temps more reasonable.
And so it goes come September.  There is still much to be done
in the gardens.  The final perennials are going into the gardens to allow
them to put down proper roots before winter, the cutting gardens will
be harvested one last time for fresh cuts for market this week, the harvesting for 
our lovely dried bunches has begun and will continue throughout the week,
the soap making marathon has begun in preparation for the gift 
giving season, the house is a mess and the laundry has been piling up. 
We've been a little busy.  Not complaining, just saying.  The infamous
list never wanes and some days it's all about priorities.  
But, having said all of that, we have been busy taking pictures and getting ready to
post the pretty awesome little pictures of goods for sale. 
Effective Monday, September 12th,  you'll be able to pop by the "Shop" and pick out a 
treasure or two.  Mark your calendar, don't miss out, we've been
saving stuff up!  
Here's to being busy and enjoying these golden, sunny, cozy days.

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