26 September 2011

A technical melt down and a so long . . .

    FULL . . .
It's been a couple of those weeks.  Autumn is without question my most
favorite season.  A time when the sun shines more brightly, when the warm cool breeze
and scent of the earth's floor bring a sense of renewal and calm and feeling of
contented joy.  It's a time full of "nesting" tendencies,
of harvesting natures bounty, of making and baking and preparing 
for the colder days to come.  It's a beautiful time full of life and which
on occasion finds me asking the question:
"How can life be so breathtakingly beautiful and so 
challengeing and heartbreaking all at the same time?"
In the scheme of things, the technical glitch (a.k.a. computer meltdown) that has 
prevented us from getting our "shop" up and running on the blog
or posting at all,
seems unimportant when it also arrived at a time when I said
so long to a really great guy in my life.  
10.10.98 - 13.09.11
A great companion who loved to help out in the garden, loved to be carried, but in 
just the right way, was a great cuddler but hated to be hugged,
a really great "hot water bottle", an incredible hunter, watching out for his brother even 
sharing the occasional mouse, going on one unauthorized week long vacation causing 
intense worry at home until a mailbox flyer in the neighborhood returned 
him home safely.
We miss his presence in our home and in our lives.  Probably more so 
because unlike any feline companion I've ever had, Sam was a "talker".  He held 
his own in a great conversation leaving no doubt that he needed to be heard.
His range of vocals was noticeable.  The "I want to go out NOW" tone, the
"I'm hungry NOW" tone, the I'm in need of a good cuddle" tone, the "oh please, please, please" 
tone and the "hunting sucked" tone offered in reply to being asked
"how was hunting today Sam?".  Known to be a scrapper who protected
his territory when the unauthorized "wild" cats showed up on his turf and
a kind and gentle soul at the same time to be sure. 

You were loved Sam, rest easy and party on!
Here's to the family members of the furry kind . . .

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