28 September 2011

Autumn's Treasures

The autumn colors are coming on with hurried splendor.
One day they can be found creeping in here and there amongst the gardens and 
the next, at least it seems, the birch trees are aglow with the 
fiery hues found only at this most enchanting time of year.  
The poplars have begun to turn, the reds of the amur maple mingle
gently with the just touched tips of the tamarack. 
While this time of year finds me wanting to do this
I think I could be just as happy doing this
But instead, I'm really, seriously trying to get my blog "shop" up and running.  
Really, I''m trying.  Thanks for being patient.  
In between I'm working on a little autumn DIY project for you to try. 
I think you'll like it.  
{both photos above Sarah Maingot}

Enjoy its every moment, it's passing quickly.
Here's to autumn and all her possibilities.

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