30 October 2014

'Tis the Season . . .

. . . to catch up and get ready.

I always feel like I'm saying "where has time gone".  Is it just me or is time really just flying by, all the time! 

Summer came and went, autumn has been well, interesting, and here we are in the final throws of October.  Hmm, how does that happen?

I have most definitely been neglectful of my blog, posting instead to Facebook.  A time thing really - not enough of it.  

It's been a jam packed busy time and I have much to share but for now, let's just say I have been making soap, sorting out creative ideas, working on photo shoots, managing the bee yard, rebuilding fences, gardens, sanding floors in the house, finishing a headboard and other projects for the master bedroom, getting mucky with cement for a garden project, weddings and flowers for weddings, filling the cold room and pantry with the summers harvest, enjoying every possible moment with our new great niece, and so on and so forth!! 

But now, as that most glorious of seasons begins to creep up on me, I have begun harvesting greens, planning and fine-tuning seasonal ideas and finishing outside projects before the you-know-what arrives.  So, for now, just know there is much to come as the season approaches.  I hope you will be excited by the additions to the line up and again, thank you for being patient with me and checking in from time to time.  

WINTER 2014 will be well worth waiting for.