27 December 2011

Today and everyday . . .

Like many of you, I have always found peace, comfort & joy
in simple, natural touches for the holiday season. 
And, today for the first time in what seems like many, 
the sun shone ever so brightly
so that in the still calm of the afternoon
peace, comfort and joy enveloped us as we
spent the day resting, reading, being delightfully lazy.
You see, last night we hosted our annual Christmas bonfire.  A tradition
usually reserved for Christmas eve.  But, this year we held the fire party as a boxing day night event. 
Given that our heads hit the pillow at 4 a.m. a day of rest and general laziness was
called for.
So, here's to a lazy afternoon after a fun filled evening
spent with family and friends.  And just remember guys, what
happens around the fire stays around the fire!  
Cheers and may peace, comfort and joy fill your lazy afternoons, today and everyday.

24 December 2011

Best Wishes . . .

for a most joyful Christmas Season
From our home to yours . . .

21 December 2011

Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice.  Tomorrow, and each day thereafter
becomes longer with light.  
The beauty of winter . . . 

19 December 2011

Final Countdown . .

The shop is technically closed for the season
we've had lots of calls today to see if we're open this week. 
Sooooo, we're happy to accommodate and hope that this helps:

OPEN this week


CHEERS and Happy Holidays!

16 December 2011

We're almost done here . . .

for the season and to say
for your continued support
all remaining stock is
30% off.
{Sorry, does not include special orders, local pottery, 
farmchick soap or bags}
Thanks and enjoy!

13 December 2011

A touch of winter decorating . . . Moss Cottage style

Just a few sneaks at our outdoor winter decorating
for the 2011 season
We made these wonderful vintage primitive shaped stars for the shop this season.  They look fantastic pretty much anywhere you use them.  I popped one into my front door wreath.  I'm absolutely not a "glitzy" Christmas/Winter gal, the more natural the better and I just LOVE burlap bows. 
These yummy willow planters were made for the shop this season by Evelyn.  They were stunning but my husband had to re-work them to a more manageable size.  They look so festive when filled with mini-lights, topped with greens, twigs and a handmade winter star.  If you look closely at the window you will see "Baxter" the cat getting in on the photo shoot.
One of the lower level window boxes.  Mixed evergreen branches and by the way, I think that the lowly branches of the Jack Pine get a completely bad rap.  They are long and gently droopy, fluffy and come with cones attached.  Really, who could ask for more!  Then, to finish it off, compliments of inspiration from Lorraine's window boxes of seasons ago, frosted annabelle hydrangea stems.
The front of the house now adorned with the star evergreen wreath and the second story 
window boxes stuffed with the simple elegance of red pine and beautiful BC cedar.
The summer gazebo structure remains throughout the winter and in a few days or so I'll be fashioning a candle lantern to hang from the center.  Stay tuned.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love birds nests.  They are amazing structures of the most natural kind.  This nest was built by a busy mom-to-be this spring on the beam of the porch of the studio shop.  I was delighted to see her there, busy coming to and fro in anticipation of the chicks that would someday rest and grow there.  Within days of the nest being finished we had hurricane style winds and I was horrified to find the nest blown to pieces, laying on the ground underneath the beam.  But, unsurprisingly, I guess, within the day, she had rebuilt the nest, reusing and recycling the bits and pieces of her first attempt.  I watched patiently for the flitting to and fro, signs of the hatching, but it never came.  The studio was abuzz with activity over the following few weeks and I suspect that the banging of the old barn door as I went in and out may have sent her off in search of a much more calm and quiet roost upon which to have and raise her young.  Oh well, maybe next year she'll build another and this time, I'll not use the old barn door.  
I harvested the nest just days ago.  I fanned out the bottom of a grapevine wreath, tucked in some fresh Fraser Fir and White Pine branches, pine cones and a touch of burlap.  This lovely nest wreath hangs on the wall by my back door entrance beside the rustic reclaimed storm door. 

Now, next the inside! 

12 December 2011

Down for the count but still pluggin' along . . .

T'is the season.  In my exhausted, slightly run down state as is the case this time of year, I managed to catch
a cold bug on Saturday.  But you can't keep a Christmas decorator down! 
So, today I managed to get some of my own outdoor winter decorating done.  
By the time I finished it was getting dark so the pictures will 
have to wait until tomorrow.  Throughout the week I hope to also post photos of
the Christmas decorating taking place in our home.  
All Moss Cottage style of course!

10 December 2011

Forever and always in my heart

To mom's everywhere who are gone but never forgotten.
{photo pinterest}

08 December 2011

Peace on earth . . .

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men.