27 December 2011

Today and everyday . . .

Like many of you, I have always found peace, comfort & joy
in simple, natural touches for the holiday season. 
And, today for the first time in what seems like many, 
the sun shone ever so brightly
so that in the still calm of the afternoon
peace, comfort and joy enveloped us as we
spent the day resting, reading, being delightfully lazy.
You see, last night we hosted our annual Christmas bonfire.  A tradition
usually reserved for Christmas eve.  But, this year we held the fire party as a boxing day night event. 
Given that our heads hit the pillow at 4 a.m. a day of rest and general laziness was
called for.
So, here's to a lazy afternoon after a fun filled evening
spent with family and friends.  And just remember guys, what
happens around the fire stays around the fire!  
Cheers and may peace, comfort and joy fill your lazy afternoons, today and everyday.

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