18 November 2010

Winter 2010

A dusting of snow sparks the imagination as thoughts turn to that most glorious of seasons!  This is after all the season to spread merriment - to indulge in those extra touches that help to make the holidays memorable.  A vintage box filled with special goodies . . . a handmade  treasure . . . a long used recipe - let these heighten the sweet familiarity of the holidays and remind us of the importance of celebrating everyday, but most especially at the holidays.  

I know a good deal of people who dread the dizzying swirl of activity that comes with the holidays.  
While  I admit to sometimes being overwhelmed by it all, that's more about the work that goes into preparing the shop than for me personally.  I quite frankly love the planning, shopping, decorating, wrapping and baking that comes but once a year.  The sights and smells, the sharing with family and friends, the special gifts and treasures available for but a few short weeks - or should be.  For some reason, they feel more special when we wait for them to come knowing that they belong to this season and this season only.  As a child I remember waiting in such anticipation for the sweet, juicy treat of a japanese orange which arrived on schedule in the grocery store, just in time for the holidays.   The well, not so mini, lights strung around the windows, the smell of the freshly cut christmas tree which always needed adjusting, a little to the right, a little to the left, no, back to the right . . . for all of these seasonally limited moments made the season worth waiting for, worth preparing for. 

IN preparation for that most glorious of seasons, the harvesting has been done.  The sweet, unmistakeable scent of Christmas greens has enveloped the workshop for weeks now.  It never fails to amaze me how much I still love the smell of fresh cut greens.  The artisan in me has been busy at work with fabric, wood, wire, and the old fella who helps me out here from time to time, has become an incredible student of pottery.  I think I have asked nicely enough that you may just see a piece or two in the shop this season. 

SO, take time to pause, to walk, to lose yourself in thought about friends, family, about priorities and join us as we share our most memorable magic.  For me, it recharges my spirit and reminds me of something I've always known to be true:  Life's simple pleasures are the best and always worth waiting for!              HAPPY HOLIDAYS and welcome to MOSS COTTAGE!

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