29 April 2012

Off and Running

It's begun.  I can hardly bend my fingers, my neck and back are aching.  What a great day!
I've been busy in the greenhouse for some time now preparing for the planting season.  
Today I was finally able to get a good days work into preparing the gardens for planting.
The temp was just right and a nice little breeze kept me going.  I'm not minding these cooler days with winds from the north, at least until the hard labor is done.  I'm hoping to get some seeds in the ground by the end of the week.
What we need is a good soaker of a rain to really get things started.  
In between, I'm working on some lovely ideas for the opening of the greenhouse
but especially for the "Art and the Handmade Garden Market" coming later in the season.  
Now, off for a good Epsom Salt Soak so that I may be able to move my fingers and stand up straight when I rise again tomorrow.  
Cheers, and here's to working the garden.
and of things to come.
{images:  Pinterest}

24 April 2012

It's official

Bona Fide as a matter of fact.
I'm an official Beekeeper!
Yup, received my official Certificate of Registration in the mail today.
Proud as a peacock Queen Bee.
It may only say "1 beeyard and 1 colony" but it's my beeyard, my colony.
It's official, my girls are official.  Chicks rule!

You go girl.
{image via pinterest}

19 April 2012

I've discovered

I love vegetables.  
The challenge for me has been to make meals out of them.  That's why I was so happy when I discovered this lovely, yummy, food inspiring blog.  If your goal is like mine -- to eat more healthfully, I think you will agree.  Enjoy. 
For this and other amazing recipes, go here.

15 April 2012

Two pretty faces of a different kind

Just checking in quickly - again.
Well, I did it.  I posted my "TAKE WHAT YOU NEED" flyer on a local shop bulletin board.
I was sort of giddy when I did it.  I don't know why, it just felt like the right thing to be doing.  A feel good kind of thing.  Upon my return two days later almost all of the tabs were gone.  LOVE and HOPE remained.  
For those of you who tucked a tag in your pocket, I'm wishing for you to find whatever it is you need.
In the meantime, if this pretty faced Raspberry Sorbet Viola doesn't do it for you, maybe Ruby's pretty face will.
Have a lovely, raspberry sorbet, Ruby kind of Sunday. 

09 April 2012

A challenge to you all

I discovered this in about a million places on Pinterest the other day and I thought it was so uh . . . hmm, necessary, enlightening, thoughtful and thought provoking and I decided in that moment that I too would make one and post it on a nearby bulletin board.  
And then it really got me to thinking  . . .
How many of you would actually take the challenge and do it also?
Wouldn't it be lovely if they were just all over the place?

And, which tab do you think is missing?  Most everyone on Pinterest who commented believed it to be

Here's to hope, love, faith, patience, courage, understanding, peace, passion, healing, strength, beauty, freedom, forgiveness, kindness, service and motivation.  

{Source:This was pinned so many times I had trouble finding the original pin but it's everywhere on Pinterest}

08 April 2012

Spring Blessings

Keeping it sweet and simple today.
Making just a few Mini Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache Meringue Kisses for everyone to enjoy.  
For a photo of these lovely goodies and the recipe go here to one of my favorite blogs -
What Katie Ate.  

04 April 2012

Random Inspiration

I have formally begun the transition of changing my "shop" into my full time studio.  Quite frankly, I needed inspiration.  And I'm loving this
It's definitely going to be white.  I'm loving the industrial style lights and the stool chairs.
And light shades like this are really lovely.  The skies the limit with these.  I have some cool ideas whirling around my head.
And I think I might wear something like this while I work! 
Actually, not kidding!  
By the by, I'm working on some new UF dresses . . . hmmm.

And, I have been looking for a new headboard idea for the spare bedroom.
What about it?
I don't know if the writing is actually on the headboard but I'm thinking it should be if it's not.
Hmm, feeling very inspired.  And you?
  {source:  little emma english}

02 April 2012

Spring Greens

I'm hoping that these greens will put s SPRING in my step!
No, really, I've been juicing and today this lovely bowl of veggies became this . . .
I go through stages where I eat really well - and by that I mean healthfully.
When I get off track (a.k.a. OVER- indulge in chocolate, white crusty bread, and well, whatever else I want that I know is going to weigh me down (literally), I start to get back on track with green juices.  So, this is it.  No more late night snacking eating, no more goodies that are bad for me from the market, no more cream in my coffee.  Sounds like a drag but I always feel the better for it.  So, although I have been juicing off and on for several weeks, this is day 1 of healthy eating. 

Maybe, just maybe this will put the spring in my Spring!

{photo source:  the urban farmchick and here}