19 April 2012

I've discovered

I love vegetables.  
The challenge for me has been to make meals out of them.  That's why I was so happy when I discovered this lovely, yummy, food inspiring blog.  If your goal is like mine -- to eat more healthfully, I think you will agree.  Enjoy. 
For this and other amazing recipes, go here.


  1. Look great! I have another question Kate.
    I am in the process of creating a wedding for my step-daughter in Thunder Bay. Do you do any floral arranging?


    1. Hello Julie, nice to talk with you. Congratulations and thanks for asking. I do indeed offer flower arrangements - of the Urban Farmchick kind of course! We don't offer traditional "florist" bouquets or arrangements, meaning our lovely, naturally grown arrangements are created entirely from the flowers grown locally right here in our flower field and cutting gardens. We don't bring in flowers from wholesale florists. I would love to "chat" more with you about it so I will follow this up with an e-mail.