24 April 2012

It's official

Bona Fide as a matter of fact.
I'm an official Beekeeper!
Yup, received my official Certificate of Registration in the mail today.
Proud as a peacock Queen Bee.
It may only say "1 beeyard and 1 colony" but it's my beeyard, my colony.
It's official, my girls are official.  Chicks rule!

You go girl.
{image via pinterest}


  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting! Beekeeping is something I have recently become interested in learning about.

    1. Hello Heather. Nice to see you and thank you - it is exciting. I'm very much a newbie but you are welcome to come take a peek anytime. Now is actually an interesting time, the "girls" are busy, busy, busy, gathering pollen from the alder and the poplar trees. Pick a warm, not windy day and get in touch. I'm happy to share! Cheers,