04 April 2012

Random Inspiration

I have formally begun the transition of changing my "shop" into my full time studio.  Quite frankly, I needed inspiration.  And I'm loving this
It's definitely going to be white.  I'm loving the industrial style lights and the stool chairs.
And light shades like this are really lovely.  The skies the limit with these.  I have some cool ideas whirling around my head.
And I think I might wear something like this while I work! 
Actually, not kidding!  
By the by, I'm working on some new UF dresses . . . hmmm.

And, I have been looking for a new headboard idea for the spare bedroom.
What about it?
I don't know if the writing is actually on the headboard but I'm thinking it should be if it's not.
Hmm, feeling very inspired.  And you?
  {source:  little emma english}

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