02 April 2012

Spring Greens

I'm hoping that these greens will put s SPRING in my step!
No, really, I've been juicing and today this lovely bowl of veggies became this . . .
I go through stages where I eat really well - and by that I mean healthfully.
When I get off track (a.k.a. OVER- indulge in chocolate, white crusty bread, and well, whatever else I want that I know is going to weigh me down (literally), I start to get back on track with green juices.  So, this is it.  No more late night snacking eating, no more goodies that are bad for me from the market, no more cream in my coffee.  Sounds like a drag but I always feel the better for it.  So, although I have been juicing off and on for several weeks, this is day 1 of healthy eating. 

Maybe, just maybe this will put the spring in my Spring!

{photo source:  the urban farmchick and here}

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