18 August 2011

Fresh picked

The other day I went to the farm to pick raspberries.  Yum. 
While many immediately became a lovely snack
 as I drove home, the remainder have made their way into my freezer 
(and then back out again quickly for this photo).  
Later on when I have time, they will become jam or make
their way into muffins and scones.  
Gotta love fresh picked from the farm to your table, nothing beats a lovely
summers day drive to the farm knowing that the goodness found
there will be discovered in your freezer or pantry months down the road. 
On the other hand, as I was driving home, there was what seemed like 
a large number of dead skunks on the road here and there.  Not unusual at 
this time of year, especially on a "country" road but it seems to me
 I've come across a great deal of "road kill" this year -- deer, rabbits, porcupines
and it got me thinking . . .
not about the poor little skunk really but the larger picture . . .
how heavy our footprint has really become and how we need to be purposefully mindful
to tread more lightly when we can.

Here's to farmers -- backyard & otherwise.

Have a tread lightly lovely day.  

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