16 December 2012

Today . . .

. . . let's use canning jars. 
Vintage canning jars come in all shapes, sizes and colors of glass.  I like to leave the zinc screw top on the jar but that's just me and my love of grey coming through.

I'm a real advocate of real candles but if you are using a "real" tealight, I would leave out the fresh greenery that's in the jars and just opt for white sand, imitation snow, glass glitter or just plain simple and lovely OR use a battery operated tea light ~ safe and lovely.
The skies the limit with mason jars.  
I have been using candle jars to line the driveway since what seems like forever.  I wire a hanging handle onto the lip of the jar and voila, instant glow.
This is during daylight, just imagine at night.
{Source:  google, google, the urban farmchick}

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