10 May 2012

For mom's, mom's-to-be, mother's in kind

Celebrating mom's can mean so many things to each of us.   I suspect if you were to ask each mom, mom-to-be, mom in kind what would bring her joy on mother's day, the replies would be unique.  For some, a simple handmade card.  For others, a day all to themselves after breakfast in bed.  For others, a trip to Paris.  No matter what, I suspect that when you get right down to it, it's more about the thought of the gift than the actual "gift".  That you took the time to consider, to give thought to "mom" would be gift enough.  But, for most of us gift givers, it is as much about the thought as the gift and how simple, handmade, thoughtfully created, made, baked or grown gifts can say so much.  
This Mother's Day we've made, thoughtfully created and grown gifts that we would be as pleased to give as to receive and we think you'll agree.  
You will find these and other lovely, thoughtful gifts available at the Urban Farmchick market table when you visit the Thunder Bay Country Market, CLE Dove Building, Saturday, May 12th, 8a.m. - 1p.m.

A simple bar of handmade Lavender soap tucked in a kraft envelope tied up with a pretty ribbon.
Or, our handcrafted solid maple soap dish set . . .
Newly created just in time for gardening season, our Orange Honey Handscrub not only looks absolutely yummy and lovely, it smells heavenly after being gently scented with the essential oils of orange and rosemary.  Dried honey and milk powder gently soften while the hard scrubby work gets left to the cornmeal and orange peel.  
While this gentle "baby" soap is not new to the Urban Farmchick market table, and by the way, not just for baby skin but grown up skin too, we are offering these lovely unscented bars in a pack of 3. Tucked inside a hand stamped cotton drawstring bag allows the soap to continue to breathe.  Once the bars are gone, use the bag to hold all of your handmade soap slivers to make a soap cloth.  The Urban Farmchick stamp is created using an essential oil based solution then heat set for safe scrubbing.  Of course you don't have to use it as a soap cloth.  You can continue to refill, re-gift or reuse as a lavender sachet.  

Here's to having an utterly lovely mother's day weekend.  

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