25 May 2012

Remember when

I said that what we needed was a good soaker of a rain?  Hmm.  Soaker indeed.
Rain it did.
At some point in my life I would love to live by a lake.  Yesterday I almost got my wish without having to move an inch.  Holy moly it rained but good.  But, the well will most definitely be full and the perennial gardens look amazing even with all of the spring maintenance still to be tackled.  A good soaker of a rain can do wonders.  
And, as I was setting up for the opening of the garden greenhouse yesterday, in between the rain and the lightening and the wind, the plants and garden treasures were placed outside of the gardenhouse walls and much to my pleasant surprise were in tact this morning.  The sun has visited off and on throughout this day and the wind is just right enough to keep the blackflies at bay.  So, we are off and running with the greenhouse opening this weekend.  Please Join us:

Friday, May 25th  10-7
Saturday, May 26th  2-4
(I'm at the country market from 8-1)
Sunday, May 27th  12-4


Wednesday & Friday 11-7
Thursday's and Sunday's  12-4
until June 17th

Be sure to stay in touch for days and hours of open garden days.
Here's to a lovely blue bird kind of weekend.  
Happy gardening.

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