25 January 2013

You never know

what you are going to find in them there boxes.
So you know I've been cleaning, purging and sorting, right? 
After seeing this fb post a few weeks back I was reminded that what seems like a really long time ago, I also made yogurt.  I go through stages you see.  I used to grow a whole lot of sprouts, make yogurt and jam . . . .  I started sprouting again a year or so ago and do still make jam from time to time.  This past summer I made a lovely batch of apricot jam.  But, for some reason, I stopped making yogurt.  I probably stopped eating yogurt for a while then when I picked it up again plain yogurt was so readily available.  Now, plain greek yogurt is my go-to yogurt.  Mixed with just a drizzle of my own honey, mmmm. 
Well, back to the cleaning, purging, sorting part of this story . . . while I was cleaning, purging and sorting, I came across my old Salton Yogurt maker.  Yay!  I knew there was a reason I saved things!  I thought it was long ago gone, or at least that the jars were gone.  But alas, there it was, jars and all ~ well almost all.  Now I get to make 6 jars instead of 7.
And, I forgot how easy it is when you have an incubator.

If you are a regular at the country market then you know Wilma of the Slate River Dairy.  She makes really wonderful yogurt.  I mix Wilma's yogurt with greek yogurt. 
I wanted to make my own once again so that I could control the fat content.
If you aren't into making your own yogurt or don't have an incubator (by the by, some dehydrator's come with a yogurt setting) then Wilma's yogurt is the absolute next best thing and, it comes in these really cool returnable bottles.
A quick tutorial then:
There are two ways that I know of to make yogurt.  You can buy a yogurt starter from the health food store.  It should contain active culture and probiotics - read the package.
You can also use yogurt.  This time around, because I love Wilma's yogurt and I know it is made locally, of local milk products and contains no additives or other stuff, I used Slate River Dairy yogurt.  

Measure 1 litre of milk.  I used 1% milk.  Heat to 180 degrees F.  My yogurt maker comes with a thermometer spoon!  Let cool to 75 degree F.  Add 2 Tablespoons yogurt to 1/4 cup cooled milk - mix well.  Add this back into the remaining cooled milk.  Stir well.  Pour into jars and place in the yogurt maker.  
I no longer have the instructions for my yogurt maker so I really didn't know how long I should leave it in the y.m.   Because I made this in the evening, I just plugged in the y.m. and went to bed.  When I awoke, voila, 6 lovely, homemade jars of yogurt.  Just the right tang in my humble opinion.

Now, I can just use my own yogurt for a starter but the next time just for fun I may try the starter to see if the taste is any different. 

Have a great, great weekend, I'll be back on Sunday with all the DIY CLASS details.

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