15 January 2013


I'm still in busy bee purging mode.
Making room for fresh.

{image:  thatinspirationalgirl.com}

The Christmas tree came down yesterday.  I miss the lights.

In keeping with my purging commitment, this desk is outta here and up for grabs.  It's a vintage oak and oak veneer office desk.  But it's time to move it out.  I picked her up at a yard sale in Winnipeg many years ago before we moved here.
It's generally in good shape with natural wear in all the right spots.  The top has wear and tear on one edge but overall she has good bones and nothing a good dusting, waxing and perhaps re-staining won't take care of.  
The "typewriter" table pops out and up on a spring loaded mechanism.  Would make a great sewing station. 
Going cheap ~ if you're interested, e-mail me and we'll chat. 

Dimensions:  Front to back depth 34", length end to end 60", Height 30 1/2"

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