18 January 2013

Cabin Fever . . .

. . . can have a way of settling in by the time February rolls around.  
Although this winter has been mild and manageable, true to the Northwest, winter will be here with or without the cold and snow for some time to come. 
I don't mind winter.  I actually prefer the cold because along with it comes that incredible sunshine other parts of the country don't see for as many months.
But, having said that, come February ~ March, I'm craving longer days and much less winter. 
I'm anxious to change things up and that often involves a DIY project or two.
As promised I'm in the process of finalizing the details for a number of DIY classes and here's just a sneak peak of one ~

I'm really obsessed with the process of printing.  Any medium of printing catches my attention and the desire to learn more about the process.  This past year I've screen printed the traditional way, begun experimenting with Photo Emulsion screen printing, dove into a number of different mediums involving image transfer.  
If you are anything like me, I'm an impatient learner and crave instant results.
That's why in this class I will be showing you two printing techniques that are fun, easy to do at home (don't require endless tools and expensive equipment) and have endless possibilities.

Here's just a sample of one project we created this season
{the photo is seriously lacking but I think you get the idea}

both of these projects use the same technique.  The class will include one other fun transfer method you are going to love.  Chances are you won't want to stop.

 The sky is almost the limit.
Class details will be posted next week.

Have a really fantastic weekend ~ Enjoy the snow.

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  1. This sounds great- I hope I can make it to this class! looking forward to the details...