11 July 2013

Hello Summer . . .

So far, summer has been crazy busy and hugely challenging.  In any other year I would whole heartedly welcome the soaker rains that continue to come.  This year . . . not so much.  Thank goodness for raised garden beds which have allowed me to get cutting flowers planted to some degree.  Unfortunately the flower field remains almost entirely unplanted and what has been planted I suspect will not survive this latest deluge.  Let's just say you pretty much need rubber boots!  It has however, forced allowed me to consider the possibility of all raised beds.  Hmm, we'll see how that goes.  

On the other hand, the perennial gardens are loving these good soaks.  I've managed to replace winter's loss, I'm working on reclaiming the shop potager which got entirely out of control over a two week period while a robin, nesting on the beam above the shop studio entrance, dive-bombed any who dare enter the surrounding area.  The annual cutting gardens which have been planted in the raised beds are coming along nicely but overnight temps of 8 & 9 degrees are holding them back.  In any event, we're almost ready for OPEN GARDEN days, so stay tuned to the blog for random dates and times for a casual stroll about. 

The honeybees have been keeping me immensely occupied with their swarming tendencies.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are all done with that and have settled in.  They too are feeling the effects of a nutty spring and early summer season.  Much more experienced beekeepers than I suspect it is going to be a tough and slim honey season.  Don't get me wrong, swarming isn't all bad ~ it allows me to increase the number of hives in the apiary.  The unfortunate thing is the time consuming nature of re-hiving the swarm and the reduced honey production that comes with a new hive.  They will be busy rebuilding a (hopefully) strong hive before the winter season arrives once again. 

Luckily for us, we have had the lovely pleasure of family and friends visiting, taken in the Blue's Festival, a beautiful drive to Grand Marais, MN and a few lazy moments when time allows.

The only thing certain at this point is that the summer season seems to hurry by.  So, whatever is good for your soul, find the time, make the time and do that.  

{images:  agirlsgotarighttodream.tumblr.com}

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