03 July 2013

Fuel for my . . .

. . . white, grey and wood addiction.

The vision for the new foyer entrance is becoming more clear.

Did I ever tell you that I have a "thing" for white bowls.  Especially vintage ones.  I love the hooks under the shelf to hold pitchers and things and all those vintage boxes could easily hide "stuff", don't you think.

Still working on the master bedroom makeover but it has come to a grinding halt since gardening season which leads me to a little tale . . . after a busy outdoor working long weekend, the hubby and I finally plunked our butts down in front of the tube to watch an old movie (we love old dusters and black and whites).  The evening sun beamed through the living room window casting a light upon the side of the tube revealing what appeared to be a cobweb to which I asked, "is that a cobweb"?  The hubby replies, yes it is and I'm going to do a post on your blog about it and I'm going to call the post "Gardening Season".  

Each spring he half jokingly comments . . . I'll see you in September! 

Happy gardening and never mind the cobwebs.  They will still be there when gardening season is done!

(Images:  okay, I goofed and by the time I got to posting I had forgotten where I sourced these great photos.  If you know, please give a shout out and I'll correct it}

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