24 June 2011

Summer rains

The summer rains were a much welcome sight, at least for me.  I finally finished planting the cutting gardens which seemed to take forever this year.  I know it's just because I plant more and more each year and in fact, this season I've run out of garden room!  I'll find somewhere for all those bedding plants wanting to be planted but for now, the main gardens are done.  So, the rains came at the perfect time -- a good solid soaking and now we're ready for some warmth. 

The perennial gardens are looking awfully lovely this season, even if I do say so myself.  Especially following a good rain.  Living on a well, I don't tend to water the perennial gardens unless it's absolutely necessary and when nature takes care by giving us a good soaking, it's one less chore.  One of these days when I have time (lol!) I'm going to get some kind of gravitational water tank up in the cutting gardens with attached soaker hose - any ideas?   Until then, the occasional soaker of a summer rain is very welcome here.  Forecast is for a lovely weekend so enjoy.  I plan on attending the Thunder Bay Potter's Guild annual Spring Pottery Fair after market tomorrow.  My husband Brad is an exhibitor there for the first time - way to go Brad!  And, speaking of the market, I've got a post planned about some of my favorite vendors - coming next week.  Until then . . . enjoy.  

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