14 June 2011

Not so welcome visitors

It's been like a regular animal kingdom around here this week.
Yup, I know, cute as a button.
And even cuter here . . .

The problem is, those cute as a button babies get bigger appetites and even 
better at jumping fences.  Mom was showing the little one the produce aisle of the grocery 
store today.  Uh, huh, cute. 

Then there was this fine young lady found nesting in the rafters of my 
husband's shop.  Unfortunately, as pretty as she is, she and all her
siblings and babies create incredible amounts of damage in no time flat.  So, she
had to go and we had to call a professional in to round her up.  She'll be taken in and 
tested for rabies and whatever other things they test for.  I hope she finds a new more appropriate 
wild life style home.
  Yup, the animal kingdom.  

Here's to furry little friends . . .

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