06 June 2011

Hard but joyful work

I Enter this day with a peaceful heart . . .

Yesterday was a great day in the gardens.  The sun was shining, there was a just right breeze to keep those nasty black flies at bay and the heavy duty weeding has begun.   I say begun because in these country gardens the weedin' is never done!  I'm beginning to mulch more than I have before to reduce the task and help retain moisture.  The pathways between the potager garden of the studio are being covered in weed cloth and at this point I'm leaning towards a pea gravel covering.  Almost all of the seeding has been done.  With the somewhat rainy forecast it will be great to get the rest of the seeding finished off and then mother nature can take care of the chore of irrigation.  Every little bit helps. 

The bedding plants, destined for the cutting gardens, are really ready to be planted out and we'll see what time and temperatures have to say about that this week. 

The perennial gardens are in the works for a work-over.  The potager studio garden is being geared toward becoming almost entirely fragrant.  The planning, the preparing, the planting . . . hard but joyful work indeed. 

To watch as our gardens grow this season, click on the GARDENS button a little later on in the season and watch for OPEN GARDEN DAYS.  We will be opening the gardens for your walk about pleasure. One day you may find us weeding, another planting, another creating decorative pieces like cement leaf water bowls.  Who knows . . . We won't be planning ahead . . . take a seat, enjoy. 

Here's to hard but joyful work!

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