03 August 2014

It's been so long . . .

. . . since I saw you last.  It's amazing how quickly time passes.  There just are not enough hours in a day.  I'll spend some time catching you up on what's been happening around here, in my world - and it's been a whole lot.  In the meantime, let me just say this . . .

We have been in new baby lala land since March 

She was a miracle baby and our new great niece has just brought us all so much joy, it's unbelievable and lovely. 

She's a poser and I'll be sharing more photos, you bet I will! 

And, we've been preparing for a wedding.  I'm the aunt of the bride and primary decorator.  So much goodness going on - just a few ideas we've been kicking around.

It is an outdoor wedding and we will be decorating up one of these.  

It's a Moss Cottage style wedding and we'll be sharing DIY how-to's and lots of great pics after the wedding.  Stay tuned, I'll be back. 

I do hope you are enjoying a restful but busy summer.  The time is so fleeting. 

See you soon.  Thanks for sticking with me. 

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