10 February 2013

We are . . .

 . . . apparently to get some of that white stuff today.  Whatever we get, I'll take it, although I would prefer it not arrive in the blizzard-like fashion that the eastern parts of Canada and the U.S. received.  By the time they dig out, it may be spring. 
In the meantime, it's a great day for a soap making marathon.
On the agenda today ~ Rosemary Lemon Mint, Orange Coffee Scrub, Citrus Grove, Lavender Mint, Lavender Spice and I'm thinking a batch of The Naked French Hippy (a new take on our most popular soap).  

Whatever your day finds you doing, enjoy, be safe.  Hopefully those in need found shelter from the storm.

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  1. I had to print out this picture. This table reminds me of a table we had when I was a kid. My father made it out of an old piano. It was magnificent. As a kid I didn't appreciate it and not until I was older did I find out he made it. I like the idea of creating it out of re-used wood, but it is very hard to come by without paying an arm and a leg, and my budget is tight. There's character in used wood, especially with nail holes and scrapes.