15 February 2013


almost time.

So, you know what that means ~ 
it's time to take down the winter wreaths and decoratives.
And yes, I do mean even if you live in Northwestern Ontario.  
I know, you're saying what?  There's still snow and it still feels very much like winter.  
Yup, you're right but the feeling is in the air.  The days are getting longer and it's about this time that I start to really get the itch to clean things up in anticipation.
The seeds have been started, the planning of planters and gardens alike is well underway.

This weekend I will begin to feed the honey bees and tomorrow I will be spending the day amongst my fellow bee keepers learning.

Have a really lovely, spring dreaming and planning kind of weekend.  You can do that while you cross country ski!

{image:  wishfulthinking.tumblr.com}

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