04 November 2015

A Winter's Tale

It has been a stunning autumn, one of the best in a while and my favourite time of year.  With mild days and cooler nights, the greens are being harvested, the moss gathered, the cones dried.  The workshop is awash in those most familiar scents that arrive but once a year in preparation for that most glorious of seasons.

Details, and it is all in the details, are being fine tuned ~ ready to deliver.  Are you ready?  Stay with us for just a few more days and I'm absolutely sure you will be as excited as I am.

In the meantime, my husband Brad has been throwing the most stunning pieces in preparation for the Thunder Bay Potter's Guild Christmas Show.  I'd like to keep them all but apparently that's not a go!  

You can visit the TBPG Christmas Show, Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th at the Valhalla Inn.  

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