06 September 2013

H-E-L-L-O . . .

I've been waiting

It's hard to imagine that September is upon us.  Summer seems to have flown by, don't you think?  As an addicted urban flower grower I do love the summer season but by far I have an autumn soul.  While many find autumn simply as a not so welcome sign of the season which follows it, the colours, scents and crispness of the autumn air inspire me, rejuvenate me, cause me to reflect and to plan ahead.  

As the flower season begins to draw to a close, I have begun to harvest the garden for drying.  Most years would have seen me carting buckets of freshly grown flowers to the market, but the season is late and many of the gardens are just now showing their true and lovely blooms.  Watching for frost becomes a daily adventure.  So, rather than filling buckets for market, we're preparing for a flower season of a different kind and if you love flowers as much as I do I hope you will join me for a lovely harvest gathering.

We'll be back next week to share the details but lets just say it involves flowers, soap and honey.  

We're also looking ahead to that most glorious of seasons and our winter's vision is just so magical I can (almost) hardly wait!  This year we are seeking out creatively unique souls searching for a place to share their work.  If you or someone you know is a creatively unique artisan or crafter looking for a one-of-a-kind shop from which to share your work then we want to hear from you.  Moss Cottage will be accepting work for jurying later in September to be included in the shop during the winter christmas season.  If interested, 
e-mail me with information about who you are, a bit about your work with one or two high resolution photos.  Should your work compliment Moss Cottage and the lovely folks who visit Moss Cottage we'll let you know and see that you get the details you need to provide your work for the jurying.  
First and foremost, to be considered,
your work must be handmade of original design  (not from a kit or copied from another's work or idea) and not have been available for sale to date in Thunder Bay.  

Now, I'm off to feed the bees.  Have a gloriously inspired, rejuvenating weekend.  Be sure to pop back for the details of the Flower, Soap + Honey Harvest Gathering.

{Image:  pumpkin-harvest.com)

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