14 June 2013

Oh Me Oh My . . .

I've been absent and I've missed you. 

There has been much needing to be done around here. 
The spring gardens continue to slowly unfold and I took a very quick trip about . . .

The epimedium rubrum (because Barrenwort seems like such an unlikeable description) continues to delight me with its early appearance, ever increasing size and dusted red edges.  It has reached about 3 feet wide and charms me every spring.

It has also been a breath of fresh air to gaze upon the crab apple tree in full bloom ~ finally.  

The Trollius 'lemon queen' is shorter this year but its delightful color always welcoming.  Its nearest relative "Alabaster", a much paler yellow follows a few weeks later.  

I am quite certain that I'm hearing the honeybees breathe an audible sigh of relief for I do believe that spring has finally sprung and the heavenly scent of honey wafting across the flower field is indeed a sign of things to come.  

I hope you have managed to take a quick 'trip' around your little corner of the world.

I'll be back in a few days.  

{Images:  theurbanfarmchick.blogspot.com, pinterest}

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