08 April 2013

Random thoughts . . .

What a difference a week or so makes. 

On Easter Sunday, my husband and I left a snow storm and headed for a little trip to 
Las Vegas, Nevada!

Between you and me, it's the last place I would ever deliberately choose to go but I have to tell you, it was fantastic!  Not only was it really great to step out of boots and winter gear into flip flops and shorts and sit pool side in the 80ish degree weather we had all week, but it was just a really fun over-the-top sensory experience. 

I think their motto is go big or go home on everything, and yet the city itself is incredibly easy to navigate and enjoy.  

We managed to take in a Cirque du Soleil show which was beyond incredible and enjoy the company of our good friends Karen and Lyle who were also escaping the long winter of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

But, here we are, back home and busy with the chores of every day life. 

Before leaving for Vegas I managed to prepare candyboards for the honeybees so that they would be ready and waiting for my return.  Yesterday, the weather co-operated somewhat and one candyboard was installed into each hive.  I enlisted the assistance of my husband so that we could get in and out of the hive as quickly as possible.  Despite being appropriately dressed for the event, the old feller got stung and so I will be investing in a proper pair of beekeeper's gloves for him lest I have an assistant's strike on my hands the next time I am in need of a helping hand.   I am now anxious to see how they like the boards instead of the sugar syrup I usually feed at this time of year. 

Given the highly fluctuating weather and temperatures of our spring season this year, I am hoping that the use of candyboards will help to eliminate any excess moisture which can develop in the hives in the spring.

With a little luck and assistance from mother nature, I am hoping that all of my hives survive and the summer season has me harvesting not only a bumper crop of flowers but sweet golden honey.  Now wouldn't that be nice. 

Here's to spring chores in the hope of things to come. 

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