27 March 2013

Rethinking . . .

. . . the layout of our living room.

Years ago now, my husband built us an incredible cabinet for our living room using gorgeous old almost door sized windows given to us by a friend.  It was to be a two door cabinet.  He got carried away with it's beauty and made it into a three door cabinet.  It's gorgeous, it's big.  It takes up most of one wall in our smallish living room.  
We love the rooms in our home to have a "sunny disposition".  I remember when we purchased our first home and the realtor asked what we were looking for?  I recall, very specifically saying ~ I don't know other than it MUST have a sunny disposition!  
When we purchased our existing home, the living room had well, anything but a "sunny disposition".  Broken into two rooms with mostly smaller windows.  Over time, the two rooms became one and the smaller windows gave way to much larger windows.  
I love my windows, I do.  Unfortunately the more windows in a room, the less wall space you have and furniture placement can become an issue.  
I'm working on convincing my husband to move that gorgeous, big cabinet upstairs to the master bedroom ~ it will fit perfectly there and then having him make a built in, smaller wall unit for the living room.  Then I can begin to move things around. 

The cabinet is the thing.  

I love this cabinet.  It reminds me of our cabinet ~ plus one more door.  This cabinet is fantastic ~ it has removable shelves, allowing you to add objects/displays of different heights.  

I would really like to have a cabinet of this kind somewhere in my house.
Probably just another hint at my current love with weathered gray.

Further evidence of my basket love . . .

Hmm, so many ideas, not enough money time!

What about you, design ideas piling up?

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