30 August 2012

Dreaming in grey and white

I told you I have been dreaming in grey and white - right?
Well these lovely interiors are just more reasons why ~
I have a thing for chippy white paint anything but these shutters are really yummy!
I also have a major addiction to bowls {white in particular)and my collection of white bowls would work nicely on open shelves like these. And who said art must hang on a wall.  The really fabulous thing -- the wire basket atop the cabinet and the wire trivet hanging from the shelf -- we have those and they will be for sale at OPEN STUDIO.  Yay!

Instead of the "fancy" jars for storage I use old gallon pickle/dressing jars.  You know the size they buy for restaurants.  I have some great ideas for labels too, stay tuned. 

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Have a you make me happy when skies are grey kind of day.  Cheers. 

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