24 July 2012

Bee Girl

My great niece Emma was here for a visit with her Grandma and Grandpa a few weeks ago.  She's 9.  She's beautiful.  She's a really great kid.  She's an amazing artist - she has always loved, and I mean LOVED to draw.  I have several of her drawings on my fridge.  She's in love with dance and recently took home a gold and silver medal at her first out of town dance competition.  While she was here we went to the Blues Festival, sort of danced and took a day trip across the border to Grand Marais, Minnesota.  If you have never been to Grand Marais you need to. The North shore is inspiring. The lake seems like an ocean.  On Saturday's they have a lovely arts & crafts market and she picked up some jewelry for herself and her cousins.  
Most importantly however, we spent time together.  
We hunted for frogs at the creek.  We did indeed find a frog. 
 It got away (darn)!  And then we did this . . .
We went to an afternoon of Bee Keeper learning arranged by the local Bee Keeper's Association of which I am a member.  
Emma donned my Bee suit and borrowed a veil (the netted hat).  Cuffs rolled up, tucked in, gloves on, in she went.  There were three hives in the bee yard, lots of bee activity and SOOOOOO much to see and learn.  She was able to pet, yup pet, a male (drone) honey bee  (they are unable to sting), see a Queen Bee, the eggs that she had laid and scoop honey right out of the hive with her finger.  It was an amazing afternoon.  
I think we have  a Bee Keeper in the making.  

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