10 June 2012

Well Hello . . .

I'm Charlie!
I'm new to the world.  Well, not brand new . . .
My mama wasn't planning on adopting a new kitten but a chance meeting one day when she came into the feed store where I was born and that was it.  She was hooked.  One look into my baby blues and she was sunk.  
My new big brother doesn't like me very much yet - but he will, 'cus I'm a cool guy.
The fact we sorta look alike means we were meant to be together.  I'm busy.  I love to run and jump and eat and sleep.   From what I've seen, he likes to eat and sleep but I'm thinking that's about to change.
I will keep you up to date and let you know how things are going . . .
I'm bettin' we'll be best buds in no time flat!
See ya soon, I've worn myself out and that couch is looking pretty comfy!
Have a really great fun filled, new to this world kinda day.

1 comment:

  1. He's adorable! Though his "soon-to-be-best-friend" does not look impressed.