20 March 2012

Growing your own food

I grow flowers like stink.  And by that I mean really well.  
Vegetables on the other hand, not so much. 
Not for the lack of trying -- I just haven't given it the same attention in my garden that I give to flowers.
Oh sure, I grow beets and carrots and peas and beans and potatoes and lovely Swiss Chard (which makes it into my flower bunches) and have a nice little patch of asparagus in the mix.  But, I have pretty much failed at tomatoes and squash and cucumbers.  
I know, I know, they probably grow like weeds for the rest of you but they continue to challenge me.
It's not that I didn't really know why.  A great deal has to do with irrigation but I just thought there must be something more to it than the carrots and beets and such.  So, I went in search of a good, easy to consume, informative book that engaged sustainable growing ideals.  Of course there are books.  Lots and lots of them and in the end, this is the one that came home with me. 
Your Farm in the City
by Lisa Taylor
has it all.
From the basics of soil preparations to
irrigation, to bugs (good and bad) to composting, to raising chickens and bee keeping,
this is an easy, very informative guide.
All I know is that with this baby by my side, I plan on growing the best squash and cucumbers and tomatoes I've ever grown. 
What about you?
Do you grow your own food?
Here's to farmers and growing your own food.

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