10 May 2011

The real scoop

Hmmm . . . 
So, here's the real deal . . . For those of you who have read our posts fully, or visited me at the shop or taken the time to stop by and say hello at the market, then you know the real scoop about what's happening at Moss Cottage.  For those who don't or haven't but seem to be keen on sharing your understanding of what's happening at Moss Cottage, then this is for you and please -- continue to share! 
Moss Cottage isn't going anywhere.  I'm still here planning, creating, digging, planting and if you'll continue to have us, we'll continue to share.  We're just going to be doing it in a different way.  We're going back to our roots, where we started.  We're in the mood for re-evaluating, recreating, renewing -- plain and simple.  

So, you will still find us open from time-to-time.  Seasonally as a matter of fact.  And, at this point in time, that means twice per year - spring and winter.  We will be opening shortly for the greenhouse/garden season with not only wonderful plants, planters and garden goods, you'll find vintage and repurposed treasures, handmade soap and other needful things for home, garden + soul.  BUT, instead of finding us in the barn, you'll find us in the Garden House (better known as the greenhouse) --  until the winter season comes, of course.   The barn is now our studio where you'll find us silk screening and sewing and creating.
We'd love to hear from you so stay in touch, leave a comment, stop by the market and say hello and for seasonal visiting hours click here.

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